Cheating the poor

I am sure that Treasury Secretary Lew and President Obama are serious about raiding retirement plans that are “too big”, and discouraging “the wealthy” from avoiding taxes by saving. (Nevermind that the contributions and any accumulated increases will be taxed eventually anyway when withdrawn.) This latest initiative to discourage large savings means that many “average hard-working Americans” allegedly so beloved by the Citicorp alum and the President will be significantly harmed by these purported guardian angels. Many firms have plans that include significant matching contributions into the employees’ retirement plans. Some or all of that match is required in order for the bosses – a/k/a “the wealthy” a/k/a “the 1%” — to max out their contributions. Many firms match dollar-for-dollar the first 4% of contributions by the employees. So a $40,000 per year employee who puts $1,600 into a retirement plan doubles his or her retirement plan balance overnight.
Once the existing rules are thrown out and all promises are retracted, the bosses will stop contributing for themselves, and the matching contributions to their average hard-working employees will disappear.
Am I wrong?