The next 26 days are going to be hellish, so donate NOW!

In the wake of the dismissive comments from the White House, we simply cannot rely upon the United States of America to address the urgent, immediate human crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s no time left to blame the (currently absent) occupant of the White House; he ’s playing golf. Maybe he’ll sign the current compromise $900 billion stimulus package. Or maybe he won’t. Let’s show him what we can do, with or without him. No matter what we’ve done up to now, it’s time to give more. To any real charities that will do something to help the least of us. Perhaps we’ll raise only $900; perhaps $900 million. Perhaps more. I encourage everyone to think hard about whether there are people for whom Christmas has been an empty reminder of better times—and what they can do to help them.  NOW.   If not now, then when?

Please feel free to forward this to anyone who might care.