Lee KaplanLee Kaplan is a trial attorney who writes on topics of public interest.    A few years ago, upon hearing Lee’s vehement comments in a conversation, one friend asked, “Lee, are you always this passionate?”  to which he responded, “If you’re not passionate about it, then what’s the point?”

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lee, being “passionate” is good, but being PASSIONATELY WRONG is tragic!
    Like most Jewish trial lawyers, you are a KNEEJERK LIBERAL. Your passion just makes it all the more laughable & tragic.
    I’ve had the best education money could buy (including circling the globe over 50 times doing billion-dollar energy deals). You had the same high-priced education ( minus the comprehensive travel) I did, Kapman.
    What the F— happened to you?

  2. How long has this been goin’ on? No one told me. I’ll be checking it out daily. How often do you post?

    And who’s this Pickels guy? Talk about rude!


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